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  • Samantha Raebard

    I bought Instagram comments. I succeeded in arousing interest toward my account. Thank you.

    Samantha Raebard
  • Marcin Tyszka-Tysio

    I truly appreciate the effectiveness of the services provided by this website. They did help me to get lots of followers on instagram.

    Marcin Tyszka-Tysio
  • Jason Kress

    Buying followers from this website, I succeeded in developing my business in an amazingly short timeframe. Thank you. Your services were genuinely helpful for me.

    Jason Kress
  • Jenna Rose Madrid

    I don´t regret spending money on buying Instagram followers from this website. Since, the huge number of my followers and the enhancement of my business are the greatest proofs for their professionalism.

    Jenna Rose Madrid
  • Tayhor Phillips

    I’m DJ JAX rocking on Miami's top lounges, nightclubs, and poolsides for over a decade. My music creates the right emotion for my international fans on any event. These guys on GetFastInstagramfollowers truly pushed me forward on IG helping my sounds reach even the farthest corners of the world.

    DJ JAX
  • Marcella Raneri

    Professional ethic of the service provision and considering every single wish of the customer is what I like in you the most guys. Being a professional dancer and the owner of a dancing studio I need to be in the center of public attention. And that’s what I get from you guys. You did everything for me to promote my dancing art, and I adore you for this!!!

    Marcella Raneri
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    Ifbb Pro Brandon Curry
  • Tayhor Phillips

    What a public person needs? - POPULARITY and lots of fans. I tried a huge amount of similar services, but these people really rock in this work. They can bring you to the top of web popularity and enlarge the circle of your fans to the extent you never imagined. I tried this service once and still keep on using it for all my social accounts.

    Tayhor Phillips

Meet The Team

Roman S. Roman S. CEO

Roman S.


Roman S.
Roman is the Chief Executive Officer of Puckdrawn. He is a senior Digital Marketing specialist and a real master of Business Management. He knows how to inspire his team members to get the highest productivity.
Alla Alla Project Manager


Project Manager

Alla’s well-organized work ethic helps to carry out our projects the way they are preliminary planned and designed. Her professional management skills  guarantee our projects’ success.
Vahan Kh. Vahan Kh. VP Business Development

Vahan Kh.

VP Business Development

Vahan Kh.
The business development of Puckdrawn is being driven by Vahan. He is responsible for keeping up the company with the high standards of the market by coming up with constructive suggestions and solutions.
Anna Anna Social Media Analyst


Social Media Analyst

Anna is engaged in the social media promotion of our customers’ services or products. She applies the all necessary internet marketing techniques for creating a real buzz around their IG accounts.
Vanand Vanand Web Developer


Web Developer

The web-development and design of our website is carried out by Vanand. Due to his deep technical knowledge and creative ideas it becomes easier for our customers to surf our website.
Ara Ara Social Media Coordinator


Social Media Coordinator

The promotional tactics and social media development process is being coordinated by Ara. He develops the most working strategies for reaching the highest results.

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The more people know about you the more popular you are – the scheme is simple and works not only in real life but in virtual community as well. As Sean Case says ” Online is old news. Online in social media is today’s news… Social media is not a subset of the internet. Social media is the internet”. So there is no need in explaining the significant effect Social Media has on our lives and activities. Today the online reality determines what will be done on the other side of the Web.

It goes without saying that Instagram takes one of the top positions among the popular Social Media Networks. Its main advantage is the visual content rather than textual one. The users like watching videos and looking through colorful pics. It makes fun and saves lots of time while reading a textual post requires much more time and concentration. In the hassle of today’s daily routines people prefer engaging with others without losing much time so Instagram turns to be the most optimal way of communication.

Besides being a platform where you share photos and videos with your friends Instagram perfectly serves as an effective way for promotion.  No matter whether you are an artist or an entrepreneur you can promote your product or service without wasting huge budget on advertisement. Here you can get Instagram followers which will turn into potential clients. The more followers you have the greater is the chance for getting the most possible clients out of these followers. The only thing is to choose a professional and accurate way of increasing your followers’ number.

With more than two years of experience our company has proved its professionalism and turns to be one of the best in the market providing quality and in time delivery. Our professional team of social media marketers and analysts has developed the most effective way of  increasing the number of your followers. As a result the Puckdrawn has already delivered about 45 million Instagram followers to the users from all over the world.

We have served almost 20,000 customers the sixty percent of which became our loyal customers. There are quite a lot of famous artists, sportsmen, businessmen and even politicians among them. The great army of our customers is the most accurate indicator of our service quality. The personal credentials of the Puckdrawn’s customers cannot be disclosed without their concern. This is one of the top terms of our service. The personal information of a client becomes available only in case he/she expresses a desire or is asked to write a public testimonial or leave a review on the provided service.

So what makes this service different from the others? What do you get from our service?

Let us represent the advantages you will get from

  • Great number of real, inactive Instagram followers
  • In-time delivery
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • No extra charges for service provision. You pay only for the delivered followers.
  • 10% discount for the second order
  • Special Offers for the loyal customers

Our staff works hard to meet your requirements and provide quality and credible service.

Social Media Marketing like any other industry has its determined quality standards which help the suppliers to improve their service and help the consumers orient toward the right choice. As the technology rapidly develops the delivery methods are being modified. However, this modification  fosters not only higher quality service but also ways of manipulation and disorientation of the consumers by providing poor quality service with fake followers.  They are alternatively cold bots – fake accounts generated by automatic systems. Such followers are often represented as real ones in the market.

One of our company principles is to provide only real followers. Due to the professional work of our Social Media specialists this becomes possible. We have a huge number of active accounts in different websites as well as on Instagram. When we get new orders we start promoting the customers’ profiles on these network thus engaging the users to follow them and making sure that they get  the exact amount of followers they bought from us. Though this method takes much efforts and time we prefer providing quality service so that our customers make sure they pay for real followers.

Our method of delivery guarantees real but not active followers. We can take the responsibility for the delivery of your Instagram followers however we cannot take responsibility for their activity as this is simply impossible.  Our goal is to create a buzz over your Instagram account by increasing the number of its followers so that other users see them and get interested in your account. People prefer following or liking the stuff that has already been favored by others.

Buying Instagram followers is growing popular nowadays. Many people turn to our service to enlarge the number of their fans starting from big stars till ordinary users. We can conditionally divide the types of consumers into  3 categories:

1. the users pursuing benefits  – these are businessmen who want to promote their service or products in order to gain larger customer base and politicians who want to spread awareness about their activities and gain more supporters and allies. They buy Instagram followers thus engaging more people in their business or campaigns. Besides, the interaction with the users online makes it easier to define their needs and demands.

2. the users searching for popularity –  these are artists, singers, dancers, stars from showbiz and even sportsmen who want to enlarge the number of their fans. Getting more followers helps them to promote their art or sport around the world. More people get to know them and start following them. In the end it’s much easier to promote a new album on Instagram rather than spend huge amount of budget on advertisement offline.

3. the users searching for more acquaintances –  these are just common people who want to get acquainted and make friends with others. Some of them also search for popularity that’s why try to make their accounts more active. Posting pics/videos from your daily life or the stuff related   to your interests and hobbies  makes it easier for the others to get know your personality better.

So as you see the aims for getting followers are different. The important thing is that we provide you the best way of getting them.